"BPM systems have mastered process integration and automation. But embedded process monitors and sophisticated simulators are yet to be perfect"









  Quality Assurance


Project Overview:
This is a trading system designed to meet the requirements for handling and managing trade orders. Using this system they can acquire a quick overview of the order situation, both in particular securities and groups of securities. The system handle orders from the Order file , which are not processed by an automatic execution system. The application also handles messages sent regarding order status, etc., the so-called "admin" messages. Using this system the brokers can focus on the orders that are of interest to them. Orders coming from the Order File go to the Order book and are displayed in the application windows. It uses win form of .NET technology to facilitate the front end.

Technovision's role:
Technovision designed manual test cases to automated test suite using Mercury's Quick Test Professional with .NET add-ins. Technovision also developed a key word driven automation framework (Dynamic Library), which reports errors for subsequent release regression test.


Our client maintains multiple source files for various stock exchanges on different platforms such as UNIX, Mainframe VMS and Windows. These source files of different format, convert to common ASCII text format, which in turn fed to the Extraction Transformation and Load (ETL) process to have the centralized Data warehouse repository. The repository receives files from the the different business sources. Our client maintains a common Data warehouse to reduce the high cost of operations and maintenance which has arisen due to multiple operations sites, duplication of data and systems / applications, & complex legacy systems developed over a time. It uses Oracle SQL/Stored Procedure to load the repository.

Technovision's role :
Test Execution & Software Quality Assurance (Process oriented): We offered our services right from the requirement stage to Production. We prepared the various QA templates such as Test Plan, Test execution, Review checklist, Defect tracking for each release & summary report of QA metrics as per the data warehousing requirements.

We developed the Test tool to speed up the datawarehouse test execution process converting ASCII text files to Excel format, and converting all Excel text files to XML format for ETL source file. We also went on to convert ETL regression test tools, which verify ETL for regression test.