"BPM systems have mastered process integration and automation. But embedded process monitors and sophisticated simulators are yet to be perfect"







  Technology Consulting
Many companies are considering outsourcing as a means of containing costs and increasing the operational efficiency of their information technology functions. Outsourcing IT application management allows the enterprise to focus on its core businesses with benefits across the business spectrum. Technovision provides a comprehensive IT outsourcing framework that ensures cost-effective and efficient management of customer IT operations.  more...
  Quality Assurance Services
Technovision specializes in Automating the Quality Assurance / Testing of products, processes and applications. It uses a state-of-the-art methodology in providing cost-effective, process oriented and highly maintainable solution.   more...
  Process Consulting
Technovision works along with client organizations in the defining and introducing rapid optimized processes for specific business needs. We work with our clients in a sense of partnership, through ongoing training, mentoring and management assistance to ensure perfect gap-analysis, successful introduction of new methods, to achieve the best possible results, and ensure refinement in the value chain. Professionals at Technovision has serviced numerous Fortune 500 clients across the globe, and in diverse verticals. more...
  Managed Staffing Programs
Our Managed Staffing Program is a highly flexible service bringing our clients greater value for cost, in dynamic environments. Through managed staffing, Technovision works with clients to determine the optimum levels of on-site support required to handle all areas of Software Application Development, Quality Assurance, IT Infrastructure & Security Management, Data Center Operations management, Database related Functions and any other customer specific requirements. We then manage the environment, customizing our established metrics, and constantly modify the service components to meet each client’s ever-changing needs. more...