"Quality assurance is best considered as an attitude to work rather than an external testing system."








  Managed Staffing Programs
Our Managed Staffing Program is a highly flexible service bringing our clients greater value for cost, in dynamic environments. Through managed staffing, Technovision works with clients to determine the optimum levels of on-site support required to handle all areas of Software Application Development, Quality Assurance, IT Infrastructure & Security Management, Data Center Operations management, Database related Functions and any other customer specific requirements. We then manage the environment, customizing our established metrics, and constantly modify the service components to meet each client’s ever-changing needs.

This service model specifically addresses the dynamic elements of support in most technology environments. Clients, who typically shy away from outsourcing due to a feared lack of proximity and communication, are often surprised and elated at how effectively our managed staffing offering overcomes these issues. Our proven ability to exceed internal service level commitments is a direct result of this.
Technovision's Managed Staffing Matrix