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  Human Capital Effectiveness
The human capital makes up the majority of the total assets in most companies today. It is evident, that optimal motivation is a key issue in order to maximize the return on the investments on human capital.

From many years of research and experience, we know that companies who can manage to motivate their people in the most efficient way will improve performance and lower their total HR costs.


Motivation is not a trivial task. Each one of us is different depending on our sex, cultural background, age, personal goals, fears etc. Motivating everyone in an organization is like giving all plants the same amount of water and light. A few find it ideal, some will survive and some will die.

So we need to determine what motivates and de-motivates each individual in an organization. Our research shows that you need to remove the de-motivation factors before motivation has any affect at all. Some managers will say: “It is too complicated” - but it is your most important asset and probably the largest value in your financials.

The good news is that we at Technovision, have some tools that can help you evaluate, assess, motivate and reward your people in the best possible way at a much lower cost.

  Advantages for the Organization:
  Improved performance and customer loyalty due to more satisfied employees
  Lower HR costs
  A great program for attracting the best employees
  A program that works across all cultures due to its flexibility

Advantages for the employees:
  They are motivated and rewarded according to their own desires, goals in life, cultural background.
  It increases satisfaction level and prevents them from going elsewhere even if they could get a higher salary
  They get a flexibility never seen before
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