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  Database Integration

Technovision had been assigned a major assignment by an International Corporate Finance group in Morristown, NJ to develop integration projects for management, reporting purposes. The following were the four major assignments completed to that effect.
New Hyperion HFM system development
Intercompany Reporting Project.
Hyperion HFM Data translation Project
Hyperion HFM Data Consolidation project

The detailed problems and their corresponding solutions provided by Technovision for each of the above are as follows:

Intercompany reporting among various business units was compiled from Hyperion HFM data extract using a PERL routine, a DOS program, and an Excel VBA system. This system was arcane and inflexible. Changing Hyperion products from Enterprise to HFM make updates to this system essential.

Updated PERL routines to work with HFM 3.4.1. Documented current system. Translated routines into Visual Basic.Net, with text and XML files to manage input parameters. Created interface in program to manage these parameters. Rewrote VBA routine in Excel to use common data files, allowing entire system to be managed from software. Added HFM API code to pull data files directly, allowing all functions to be performed from a single Intercompany software program with a common interface. Documented changes and trained on new system.

Client's hundreds of business units had dedicated systems for managing information flow to Corporate Finance. However, the new HFM system required a reorganization of these systems, to limit and better manage the mapping tables required. There was no central resource for reporting or managing this information.

Created an ASP.NET website for managing information for Client's business subunits, permitting logins for Primary and Secondary contacts to enter and update their technical information on the financial systems in use by these units. This information was compiled as survey results and used to plan migration to new systems.

Managing hundred-megabyte data feeds from Client's business units to Hyperion HFM 3.4.1. It involved arcane data translation needs. The data translation routines provided by Client's vendors and support personnel were taking more than four hours to process certain data files, resulting in inordinate delays.

Rewrote data translation scenario as a console application in Visual Basic.Net, reducing four hour translation times to less than five minutes. Used Excel to build translation tables. Incorporated MultiMode (Upstream technologies interface) data option for efficient multi-month data feeds.

Serious flaws in the Hyperion HFM system caused consolidations to overlap and conflict. In addition, consolidations were not able to be executed automatically in sequence or be load balanced across servers.

Wrote Visual Basic.Net Windows Service to manage execution of consolidations with cross consolidation checking and load balancing. Included data collection and management to both HFM API and Oracle database systems. Front-end system was written in ASP.NET, emulating the HFM interface and duplicating all data feeds necessary to create a consolidation. Submitted consolidations could be run immediately, stored, chained, sequenced, or run on a set schedule. Login to ASP.NET is by either LDAP or SQL-table based authentication, corresponding with HFM permissions.

Skills applied for the above projects:

Programming in Visual (,, ASP.NET); PERL, JavaScript & DHTML, VBA, General SQL, Windows Script, MS Office/OLE, Hyperion HFM API. Knowledge of XML, LDAP, etc. was also required